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Garden Path can keep your home, or business safe during winter snowstorms

Snow removal can be a difficult, strenuous hassle during our cold Midwestern winters. Keeping your home, church, school, housing development, or business safe and navigable during and after winter snowstorms is important. At The Garden Path, we are equipped with several truck-mounted plows and salt spreaders, skid steer loaders, and hand-shoveling crews to quickly and quietly remove troublesome snow and dangerous ice from your paved surfaces.

We have the right people and equipment to handle any space during the winter months.

We provide customers with flexible plans that vary according to the amount of snowfall that you require before removal is warranted, your preference for ice-melting material, and whether you desire to receive a pavement pre-treatment prior to snow or ice showers. In regard to melting agents, we offer economical sodium chloride, as well as a magnesium and potassium chloride material that is safer to use on concrete and around plants.

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We serve Cincinnati and areas in Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana, Indian Hill, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Anderson, Mason and other fine Cincinnati Neighborhoods.

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