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Quality Workmanship, and Relentless Attention to Detail

The Garden Path Lawn and Landscape Services, LLC, was established in 1997 by owners Chris and Ben Raines. This Hamilton-based company began as a simple lawn mowing service whose home was a small two-car garage in Lindenwald, Ohio. However, the company prided itself in its quality workmanship, relentless attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and a consistent, day-in and day-out, dedication to these ends. This passionate approach led to success and an expanding number of happy customers.

As the number of clients grew, so did the variety of services that the Garden Path was able to offer. Soon, a new facility was built to house the company, and its increasing amount of equipment. The Raines’ then began to pursue quality employees who shared their vision and the willingness to accept challenges, educate themselves, and get a little dirty. With a unique “we’re all chiefs, no Indians” task-management philosophy, Chris and Ben promoted their employees to talk and think about how their work could be improved. Again, success ensued.

Your Full-service Landscaping Company

A decade later, the Garden Path presents its customers with a multi-faceted, full-service landscaping and turf care outfit. Customers have come to enjoy and expect honest communication, painstaking efforts, and a picture-perfect lawn and landscape from the Garden Path. Chris, Ben, Brad and Rob are willing to share this experience with you today. Browse our website and contact us for any of your commercial or residential landscape and turf care dreams!

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2275 Millville Ave
Hamilton, OH 45013

BBB A+ Landscaping Cincinnati OH

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We serve Cincinnati and areas in Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana, Indian Hill, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Anderson, Mason and other fine Cincinnati Neighborhoods.

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